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Wilbanks Energy Logistics is the premier full-service energy logistics company that is driven by technology and focused on performance. With nearly three decades of experience supporting the American energy industry, we know how to create long-term value and competitive advantage for customers. Our rigorous safety processes, logistics technologies and outstanding team guarantee that we will deliver the right way, every time: quickly, safely and efficiently.


Wilbanks Energy Logistics offers an extensive suite of oilfield services designed to deliver a powerful performance to every customer.  Our service offerings to the Permian Basin will streamline processes, reduce downtime and optimize results. We are able to perform rig moves much faster than competitors, saving our customers an average of 1.5 days per move and spread rates approaching $60,000.

Crane Services  

No matter how complex or challenging a job may be, Wilbanks Energy Logistics is capable of performing with clinical precision and expert coordination.  Our team of specialized crane operators deftly completes jobs using our collection of all terrain, hydraulic and crawler cranes. We also offer an expanding fleet of cranes for rent.

Production Services  

Wilbanks has a team dedicated to kickstarting the production process. We offer a wide variety of services designed to make the process seamless, including heavy haul and pipe trucking, forklift services, knucklebooms, hot shot delivery and more.

Who We Are

More than two and a half decades ago, Ronnie Wilbanks founded what was then Wilbanks Trucking in his own backyard with just a few trucks and a forklift. Today, the firm has evolved into a leading provider of energy logistics services in the Permian Basin.

Maintaining traction in a tough industry requires perseverance and professionalism that few can manage and fewer can master. The professionals who operate in this industry have to be as tough as the oil rigs. Over the years, that toughness and commitment have become an integral part of the broader company culture. Wilbanks’ ability to not just survive, but thrive in a demanding environment is a testament to the professional character of the company, and to the hard-working team that is Wilbanks Energy Logistics.

With a reputation for superior service and processes, as well as a steady stream of business established in the Permian Basin, Ronnie Wilbanks’ founding vision had become a reality by 2013, with help from his son, and current Wilbanks Chief Operations Officer Lance Wilbanks. While this regional success was significant, there was one group who saw the potential to transform Ronnie’s vision and the Wilbanks “secret sauce” to meet the technology and safety demands of today’s oil and gas exploration and development industry. This group is George Mattson of Manalapan Capital, One Equity Partners, former senior executives from Goldman Sachs, Lance Wilbanks and Michael Wysocki.

This investment group, led by George Mattson, a former Goldman Sachs partner who had led the global industrial investment banking group for a decade, and Michael Wysocki, an experienced logistician with decades of transformational leadership experience and a deep understanding of energy and manufacturing logistics, purchased Wilbanks in July 2013 to bring this vision to life. The leadership team is growing the company through a continuing series of investments in people, technology and resources, as well as strategic acquisitions. In January 2014, the company acquired Midland/Odessa-based Permian Trucking and Hot Shot, LLC, a rig mobilization and heavy haul trucking company that is now part of the Wilbanks brand.

Today, with full-service yards in Artesia, Carlsbad, Hobbs and Midland/Odessa, Wilbanks Energy Logistics has the material resources required to accomplish even the most technically demanding and logistically daunting jobs. The company has expert personnel whose training and experience are unparalleled. Wilbanks is introducing previously untapped technologies into the professional equation: high-tech solutions that ensure even the most complex projects are performed smoothly and efficiently, delivering cost-savings, long-term value and sustainable competitive advantage to its customers.

Health, Safety & Environment  

At Wilbanks, safety is not an option. We have developed industry-leading safety processes and protocol, as well as a comprehensive training program that goes above and beyond others to ensure our teams and our equipment are operating safely and efficiently at all times. Wilbanks is proud to have been among the first to implement training strategies that are now becoming regulatory requirements.

The Wilbanks team is also deeply committed to environmental integrity, and is currently transitioning to a natural gas fleet to promote the health and sustainability of our environment.


At Wilbanks Energy Logistics, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive, rigorous training programs that provide our team members with all of the right tools to excel. Our programs are structured to bring the best out of every team member, demonstrating how to reach peak performance utilizing Wilbanks’ equipment and systems, as well as providing a thorough understanding of how one member’s role is critical to the safety, efficiency and execution of the entire team.


Wilbanks Energy Logistics is expanding to deliver outstanding service to our customers in the Permian Basin oil fields and beyond. We are seeking dedicated, responsible and committed professionals looking for fulfilling work in the oil rig transport and energy logistics industry.

We offer comprehensive training, excellent benefits and opportunity for advancement, as well as a culture that promotes the development of long-term, lucrative careers. We also understand the importance of family and maintaining a work-life balance, and we make your family our priority.

To join the leaders in energy logistics, complete the electronic application below or complete the PDF version and mail to P.O. Box 1390, Artesia, NM 88211-1390. Contact David Beach at for more information on career opportunities.

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11246 Lovington Hwy.
Artesia, NM 88210-9605

1607 South West County Rd.
Hobbs, NM 88240-9275

1602 West Corrales Rd.
Carlsbad, NM 88220-9184

14625 Hollyhock Ave.
Gardendale, TX 79758

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